Several important accessories in electric tricycles

- Sep 25, 2018-

The overall quality of an electric tricycle will not only be affected by its four components, but the associated accessories will also have a large impact on its performance. The first is the basic structure of a tricycle. The most important components of an electric tricycle include the drive system and the suspension system. The drive system is the motor, and the suspension system is the frame, the wheel and the steel plate, so the quality of the whole car depends on the quality of the two systems.


We know that the quality of any battery powered by electric vehicles will directly determine the quality of electric vehicles such as electric tricycles. It is recommended to choose the kind of motor with large axle when choosing the model, because the stability of this model is better, the middle motor drives the rear two wheels at the same time, and the starting is stable.


In addition, the steel plate of the electric tricycle is preferably thicker, so that the frame will be relatively heavy, and the car will be more stable when it is driving, and will not roll over. Of course, everything has two sides. When the car is stable, the body of the electric tricycle will also increase, which will affect the speed of the tricycle. Therefore, you should choose the product that suits you according to actual needs.