Shared bicycle appeared in Wuxi

- Apr 24, 2017-

Recently, sharing bicycles set off a boom in all parts of Wuxi. Shared bicycles are all around the city. Shared bicycles as the new products of Internet age, they’re green, environmentally friendly, low carbon travel concept, as well as fast, convenient and healthy purpose. Winning a lot of people’s love. Shared bicycles in the complex city traffic sometimes play a vital role. So who is suitable for sharing a bicycle?

Light electric bike

Light electric bike

1. Travelers and visitors

When we travel outside, we can ride the same bikes to enjoy the beautiful scenery with our friends.

2. Students on and off classes

The time of students on and off class is more relaxed. It’s more convenient to ride a shared bicycle in a short distance.

3. White collar on and off duty

Commuting is a very tangled problem, when the traffic flow is large, the congestion is quite serious. Under this situation shared bike is your best choice.

4. Temporary traveler

Temporary time to travel, you will choose shared bike.

5. City viewers

For the first time to a city, you can ride a shared bike to see the city's cultural heritage, history retained.

Light electric bike

Light electric bike

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