Six requirements for battery maintenance of electric tricycles

- Jun 26, 2018-

Electric tricycles derive their power from batteries. Most current electric tricycles use batteries as a source of power. Therefore, the battery life affects the driving range of the electric tricycle, so it is necessary to maintain the battery during use.


First of all, we need to master the correct charging time for the electric tricycle battery. Under normal circumstances, the battery is best charged once with a discharge depth of 60%-70%. Secondly, during the storage of the vehicle, the loss of electricity should be avoided. When the battery is not used, the battery should be replenished once a month. This can better maintain the battery health.


Third, during the use of electric tricycles, instantaneous high-current discharge should be avoided as much as possible so as not to impair the physical properties of the battery plates. Fourth, during use, care should be taken to avoid exposure to the vehicle because an excessively high temperature environment will cause the internal pressure of the battery to increase and affect battery usage.


The fifth point is to pay attention to avoid heating the plug when charging the electric tricycle. The sixth point is that regular inspections are required, and periodic inspections are conducted based on the use of electric tricycles.