Structural advantages of pedal type electrical friction

- Apr 17, 2018-

In the process of driving pedal electric friction, the driver's legs are closed together, and two feet can be placed on the pedal freely. It looks like a posture on a chair, which is also a feature of other types of electric shoes.


So what's the unique advantage of the pedal type electric friction? Now we will answer this question, hoping to provide some references.


First of all, in driving this pedal type electrical friction, because of the special structure of the driver, the driver can feel that the vehicle braking effect is more stable, and the driving is safer. Because of the structure requirements, so its engine structure is compact, because of the box and the pedal blocked by the forced air cooling engine, large displacement and high-end products gradually introduced to oil cooling, water cooled engine technology.


Secondly, the handle of the pedal type electric friction is usually designed with one character shape, and a combination lamp with headlights and steering lights is set on the handle. The upper surface of the combined luminaire is the instrument and control switch. Usually, the instrument, engine, frame, electrical appliance, shock absorber and so on are covered by plastic appearance.


Third, there is enough space in the middle of the body of the pedal type electric rub, which mainly connects the front and the two parts with the help of the bending beam below. Usually, the car's seat is large and soft, usually a double seat. Under the cushion is a large locker, which can put helmets and briefcases.


In addition, the appearance design of this pedal type electric rub is very fashionable. Its shape is generally more luxurious and beautiful, equipped and comfortable.