The battery specification and maintenance of electric tricycle

- Aug 10, 2017-

【 summary 】 We will continue to carry out the study and understanding of electric tricycle. And in specific ways, we will study the specification and maintenance of battery, so that we can further understanding the electric tricycle. And we can also increase our professional knowledge in this field.

1. How many volts is the electric tricycle battery?

The volt of electric tricycle battery is 48v. The current of each piece is 20A. And four pieces composed to the battery pack.

In addition, we should know that the power of the electric tricycle mainly comes from the battery. And from the current view, most electric tricycles use lead-acid batteries. The service life of the battery will affect the mileage of the vehicle. Therefore we should pay enough attention.

2. The maintenance of Electric tricycle batteries, we can start from what respects?

In general, the maintenance of electric tricycle batteries should be obtained from the following aspects:

(1) We should correctly control the charging time. The charging time shouldn’t be too long or too short. In general, it’s better to recharge the battery when the battery has used 60%-70%.

(2) When you don’t use the electric tricycle for a long time, the battery cannot be out of power. If the battery is in this state for a long time, it is easy to cause the sulfuric acid salinization. Thus, cause the battery capacity decline. Longer the battery lack of electricity, the more damage to the battery.

(3) When the electric tricycle met uphill, we’d better use pedals for assistant. The battery should avoid instantaneous large current discharge. It is easy for the battery to produce lead sulfate crystallization. And it will cause physical damage to the battery plate. In addition, we should avoid battery exposure, and reduce the battery fluid loss. And finally cause more serious damage to the battery.


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