The correct way to charge electric motorcycles

- May 20, 2019-

Incorrect charging method can easily lead to an increase in the temperature of the electric motorcycle circuit and heat generation of the motor, which may cause cracking or deformation of the battery, thereby causing a circuit failure, thereby causing spontaneous combustion. Therefore, the car is mainly charging the electric motorcycle correctly.


In addition, the owner should pay attention to whether the electric motorcycle circuit is aging, prevent the short circuit from happening, replace the battery in time, prevent the battery pack from aging, and the sealing is not strict, which will bring the safety hazard to ensure the charging time of the electric vehicle. When the battery power is 70%- 80% of the time to charge, generally 6-8 hours in the summer, 8-10 hours in the winter is appropriate, the battery should not be over-discharged.


It is recommended that the 12V battery charge should not exceed 14V at the highest, 24V should stop at 28V, and 48V should stop at 56V. If you are taller, it is easy to have problems. According to the electric motorcycle battery type, different charging schemes are selected, and the charging voltage must be controlled within a safe range.


Less use of miscellaneous charging stations, prohibiting large currents from temperature-controlled charging. Please monitor the battery temperature at any time even if it is emergency charging. If it is found that the temperature rises, please stop charging immediately. Place the electric motorcycle charger in a fixed place and do not bump it. It is strictly forbidden to carry with you. Even if you carry it, you must fully consider the bumps and cause