The driving form and purchase consideration of electric tricycles.

- Jul 07, 2017-

What are the driving forms of electric tricycles? How to choose the models? In addition, what aspects should we pay attention to when we purchase this product? The main purpose is to draw out these problems and lead the article content. At the same time solve the problem thoroughly. In this way, it can also deepen everyone's familiarity with electric tricycle.

1. What are the driving forms of electric tricycles? How to choose the models?

There are four mainly diving forms of electric tricycles. They are one wheel drive, half shaft drive, shaft drive, and differential drive.

Among them, half shaft drive and drive shaft, primarily for brush and brushless these two column type motor.

The differential drive, it can be as simple as differential motor drive.

How to choose the models of the electric tricycles? In general, it depends on the power of the motor, the battery capacity and the size of the battery box.

2. What aspects should we pay attention to when we purchase the electric tricycles?

There are three aspects we should pay attention to when we purchase the electric tricycles.

Battery: it is the key and important components to the electric tricycle, because of its relationship to the mileage of the vehicle, and its service life, etc. So, in the manufacturers, product quality and service life, should focus on treatment and consideration, cannot be omitted.

Charger: it will affect the length of battery life. And the general is to match the battery.

So when we choose the chargers, we should pay attention to the matching and choose the regular manufacturers. In this way, we are able to ensure the quality.

Motor and controller: they are also the most important parts of the electric tricycles. Because they are related to some functions of the whole vehicle. And we also need pay attention to the controller and look at its design is reasonable, in order to avoid adverse impact on the battery and motor and finally affect the normal use of the electric tricycle.


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