The function of electric motorcycle governor control device

- Jul 08, 2017-

Among all the accessories of electric motorcycle, there is a component called governor control device. The main function of the device is transform variable speed and direction of the electric motorcycle. In this way, you can control the voltage or current of the motor, to realize the control of the driving torque of the motor and the direction of rotation.

In the early days, electric motorcycles use the dc motor. Through the concatenated resistance or change the numbers of turns to control the speed. But it is limited. It will produce a portion of the energy consumption, or the structure of the motor. It is so complex that it is rarely used now.

In nowadays, a new product is used more frequently, it can change the terminal voltage of the motor with the help of uniform, realize the control of the motor current, so as to achieve the control speed of the motor. But with the development of technology, it also gradually replaced by a more advanced product. So with the development of technology, with the application of new type of drive motor, electric motorcycle speed regulation control will gradually into the dc inverter technology, this also is a development trend in the future.

However, by comparison, the use of dc motor to drive, so makes the circuit system is overload, and reliability are not ideal. But, if you use ac asynchronous motor can make power circuit control system simpler.

In addition, if we use the ac motor and frequency control of motor speed, not only can make electric motorcycle brake energy recovery control more convenient, but also can make the control circuit simpler.

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