The main contents of the safety inspection of the electric cargo tricycle

- Nov 29, 2017-

As we all know, the popularity of electric cargo tricycle is very high at present, people are very familiar with this kind of transportation.Because electric cargo tricycles have certain years of use as other products,and as time goes on, if you don't pay attention to maintenance, it may shorten its service life.

Keep the electric cargo tricycle in good condition for use not just to be able to make travel more convenient, also could effective guarantee of our security when we work upon completion of loading. the .Prior to use, it is better to have a thorough debugging and inspection of the electric cargo tricycle.In particular, it is important to check whether there is any trouble in the electrical control circuit. If any, it should be eliminated immediately.

In addition, In the use of electric cargo tricycles, you should pay attention to speed control, and Always remember to check the brakes carefully before you travel. Also need to check whether the steering is reliable, whether there is a mutual sliding between the car and the front fork.Both check whether the battery socket is good, the battery box lock plays a role, the horn, the big light switch, the button is flexible and reliable, etc.

These inspections seem trivial, but they are actually extremely important for our safety, and we hope that they will be taken seriously.In addition to the above inspection content, the tire condition of the electric cargo tricycles need to be checked to make sure the tyres are in good condition.Also the front and rear axle, center axis, front fork need to carry on the key inspection.

After completing the above inspection, it is recommended that you check the bolts of the electric cargo tricycle and tighten them.In daily use, it is also important to keep the electric cargo tricycle clean,and remember mastering the charging method, and timely charging.