The problems of the electric vehicles after the rain

- May 19, 2017-

    Now, the electric vehicles bring us a lot of convenience. How to extend the life of electric vehicles? While the annual May and June are the rainy season, how can we prevent the electric vehicles away from raining?

    First we should understand the damages of electric vehicles after the rain. The electric vehicles often parks outside is easy to change color and become old. The brakes and speakers of these electric vehicles will be damaged because of the infiltration of rain.


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Second, the most vulnerable parts of the electric vehicles are the motor and controller. They are easily to be damaged by water. Although the motor and controller are made through waterproof processing, we should still avoid getting in water for a long time.

Third, the motor is in the middle of the wheel, getting in the water for a long time is easy to be damaged.

Professional suggestion is not to use electric vehicles in the heavy rainy day. In the case of getting wet, be sure to put the electric vehicles in a ventilated place to dry. If the situation is serious, you need to send to the maintenance point for maintenance.


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