The reason for electric tricycle cannot be exposed in high temperature and the maintenance of the battery.

- Jul 22, 2017-

There are two aspects involved in the specific content for electric tricycle. One is the reason why electric tricycle cannot be insolated in sun. The second is that how to maintain the battery of the electric tricycle. Then we can learn more about electric tricycle, at the same time, we can improve our professional knowledge.

1.The reason why electric tricycle cannot be insolated in sun.

The specific reason is as follows. The environment temperature is so high that make the internal pressure of battery increases. The pressure valve is forced to open resulting in excessive water loss. Furthermore, the activity of the battery is decreased and the softening process of the plate is accelerated. If it is charged, it can cause severe consequences, such as fever, bulging and even deformation.

2.How to maintain the battery of the electric tricycle?

(1)The battery should not be in a loss condition during storage, because if so, the capacity of battery will be reduced and its charge will not be charged. Moreover, the longer it is in this state, the greater damage to the battery. So, we should avoid that. Also, if the battery is idled, it should be charged once a month to ensure its service life.

(2)During the period of using electric tricycle, we should check regularly whether there is a problem with it. The problem should be solved as soon as possible. If the battery appears short circuit problem, it should be dealt with by professional maintenance personnel. It cannot be handled without authorization, lest produce undesirable influence or bring serious consequence.

(3)The charging time of the electric tricycle battery should be well controlled, and its general charge is to charge at night. And during charging time, it is about eight hours. If it is shallow discharged, the charging time should be shortened appropriately. Long charging time will affect the life of the battery.


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