The role of electric bike controller

- May 19, 2017-

Controller is the core component of the electric bike which is used to control the starting, running, forward and backward, stop of the motor and other electronic devices. It's like the brain of electric bike. It’s one of the most important components of the whole electric bike. So let's talk about the role of controller.
1. Control the speed of the motor.
2. Change the drive current of the motor and adjust the speed of motor.
3. cut off the output current under the control of the brake and stop the electric bike.


Lithium Battery Scooter

4. test the battery voltage. When close to run out of the storage battery voltage. The meter shows the battery voltage is low and reminds the rider to adjust the travel schedule. When reach the end voltage, through sampling resistor to send the signal to the comparator, the output circuit protection signal, cause and protection circuit according to the preset program issue instructions, to cut off the current to protect the battery and charger.
5. overcurrent protection. Protect the motor, controller and other electric devices from overcurrent. In addition, some controllers have the functions such as anti-flying protection and speed limit.


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