The sharing of electric tricycle charging tips

- Dec 16, 2017-

As we know, the power source of the electric tricycle is electricity.The power supply system occupies a large cost ratio in the whole body.Both the performance of the battery and the range of the electric tricycle are closely related, so in the daily charging process, if there is an unexpected problem, it will directly affect the actual use effect.

Therefore, to ensure the use of electric tricycles and the life of the battery, it is necessary to know some basic knowledge about chargers.Learning this knowledge will also help us choose the appropriate charger products.At present, the commonly used chargers are divided into two types, namely, the frequency (50 Hertz) transformer.

Normally, the charger used by freight electric tricycles is mainly used for charging machines with industrial frequency transformers.The main feature of this charger is that it is large, heavy and expensive, but its advantages are also outstanding, which is very reliable and cheap.

Small electric tricycles usually use a switching power charger. The advantage of using this charger is that it is more efficient and efficient.When charging, the correct procedure is to insert the battery and then charge it.When charged, the charge should be cut off first and then the battery plug.Otherwise it may damage the charger.

In addition, the switching power charger used by electric tricycle can be divided into two types: semi-bridge and single excited, respectively, and the latter has positive and anti-excitability.In comparison, the half-bridge cost is high and the performance is good, while the single-excitation cost is low and the market share is high.

It should be noted that after daily use of electric tricycles, you should avoid places that are in the sun and rain.Considering that the electric tricycle is relatively light, and the practical skeleton is different from that of large vehicles, it should be possible to minimize contact with water so as to avoid corrosion.