The special tips of maintaining electric tricycle’s motor

- Jan 10, 2018-

As a user, we all knew that the proper maintenance of electric tricycles will reduce many unnecessary maintenance costs.The importance of motor to electric tricycles is obvious.Next, we will mainly share some daily maintenance and skills about the motor, hoping to help you!

1.We should avoid overloading as much as possible during our daily travel.This is because electric tricycle motor has certain rated power.If the long time overload operation, then the large current work can easily cause the motor to be hot, long this will cause its life to shorten.

2.In the process of using electric tricycles, it is necessary to pay attention to the reasonable control of the driving speed.Don't use overtaking for a long time. It is recommended that you choose economic speed.This not only improves the vehicle's endurance, but also protects the battery.

3.On rainy days, be careful not to drive in water beyond the motor shaft of electric tricycle.Otherwise, after the motor enters the water, it may become rusty and hot.The bearing is liable to damage.In addition, after driving can touch the temperature of the motor shell feel it, if the temperature is higher, then it means that the motor circuit current may be too large or there are abnormal issues in binding, should be timely maintenance.

4.If there is more dust or water vapor on the motor during the use of electric tricycle, it should be cleaned in time ,then the motor could not to have rejection of heat problem.

In addition, if the electric tricycle is not used for a long time, do not place it in a humid area, or where it is easy to be exposed to rain or sand.This is mainly to prevent the excessive humidity, cause the electric tricycle magnetic steel rust, or brake pads fall off.In the process of cycling electric tricycle, pay attention to its status. If there is any noise or abnormal sound, please send the maintenance shop to repair.