There are some hidden dangers in electric motorcycle

- Aug 03, 2017-

Although electric motorcycles are very popular with consumers, we also have to admit that there are some hidden dangers. First of all, because of the cancellation of the human cycling function, it also improves its speed, so it is faster than the average electric car. There is a certain threat to the safety of pedestrians, because its weight and appearance are very close to the motorcycle.

So far, there hasn't been a clear standard in the management of this aspect, so it may pose a threat when it's on the non-motorized lane. And the electric motorcycles we see in the market today are usually electric bikes that have been technically modified. Because of its price economy and easy to use, it is popular with consumers.

But we also want you to be aware of security issues at the same time. Because the speed of electric mo is relatively fast. The discharge intensity of battery in the process of driving is larger, so the life of battery is shorter.  Some manufacturers will choose low-grade parts to save costs which will undoubtedly affect their service life and performance.

Our country currently does not give a specific standard of production, so we can't accord to specific standards on the detection or identification, so its safety performance and index naturally can not be defined. These modified electric motorcycles will increase the pressure on their parts when the weight of the car increases.

In such a state, if the speed is too fast or the road condition is more complicated, the electric car will be under a lot of pressure. It's probably that there will be a rollover, a broken body, or a failure of four major main parts. Therefore, we must pay attention to speed control during our driving.


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