The security technology of electric bicycles

- Feb 28, 2017-

Electric bicycles gradually into our daily livesthey bring us a great convenient. They are the most efficient form of human movement. However, the thieves seem to be increasingly rampant in nowadays which bring us a lot of trouble. So how can we prevent stolen? I’ll tell you below. 

1.       Firstly after buying a new electric bicycle, don’t forget to bring your identity card and the proof of purchase to go to the relevant departments for real-name registration. Relevant departments will give you a registration license which requires you safekeeping. And try to remember some details of the electric bicycles such as the model, the brand, the color, the numbers of frame and motor and so on.


2.       When you park your electric bicycle, remember packing in some specified places. Do not park along the roadside. This will only bring you inconvenience.


3.       Before leaving the electric bicycle, you need to make sure the electric bicycle is locked. Not only the electric bicycle, but also the battery should be locked. If conditions permit, you can take the battery with you.


4.       Buy a high quality safety lock. Do not choose the cheap one with poor quality. A high quality lock can effectively help you to reduce the risk of theft.


5.       Some owners always leave their personal staffs on the electric bicycle. They usually think there is no problem for a short leave. So this does increase the risk of theft.


Electric bicycle has become an indispensable traffic tool in People's Daily life. In the process of daily use, we can use the methods above to help reduce the risk of theft. And make the electric bicycles serve us better.



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