Thoughts and Ideas on the Shape Design of Electric Tricycle

- Sep 28, 2018-

Electric tricycle has become the new favorite of modern people because of its convenience, energy saving and comfortable driving. At the same time, people pay more and more attention to the affinity and aesthetics produced by the products in the process of use, and personality has become the starting point of their pursuit. How designers can integrate design into more perceptual functions and give design a more flexible life is a must for modern design.


Therefore, incorporating some new elements into the shape design of electric tricycles is in line with these needs. Its exterior decoration components are various, mainly including front rudder, rear view mirror, lamp, instrument, handlebar controller, steering, windshield, fender, fender guard, armrest, cushion, backrest , brakes, rear trunks, shelves, charging ports, foot supports, shelters, etc.


In addition, body color and material are also the most important source of stimulating users' desire to purchase. Different color selection is the key to stimulating the frequency of interaction between users and products. Therefore, in the choice of color, we should fully consider different people and understand their needs through specific environments and spaces. In terms of materials, different materials present different psychological feelings, and different materials have different characteristics and functions. The combination of the two makes the electric tricycle body have higher visual impact and character.