Trike battery maintenance method

- Dec 27, 2016-

1. the Visual method

Capacitance: obvious characteristics are good some solution in capacitance, in standard conditions, capacitor self-explosive diarrhea fever body cannot withstand the pressure, some poor quality capacitors will burst into a dead body is not found, known as trace small firecrackers, leaving only a little torn. Resistance: after heating and overloading, discoloration or smoke, of course resistance will self, blown or part of fly.

2. electrical resistance method

Using digital multimeter, on suspected part of circuit for measurement, General we using diode document for measurement, is short-circuit 2 support table pen, multimeter will called of that document, measurement resistance Qian we will do some necessary of discharge behavior, in confirmed no plug mains of situation Xia, we all with tweezers to short-circuit some capacitor, capacitor discharge Shi will issued sparks and sound don't fear, then for we of in road resistance measurement.

3. voltage method

Learned measurement voltage is maintenance of basic skills one of, charged in road measurement is compared dangerous of behavior, necessary of when we also is need so to do, this behavior not only is we itself of security problem, also has due to operation appeared accident damaged charger of possibilities is of big, if appeared put charger measurement bad has, we don't frustrated and sad, best of mechanic, will appeared errors, even is master also cannot avoid. As long as we remember to measure the voltage has a clear purpose, do not blindly charged around, this was taboo.

4. substitution method

Substitution is to put some devices to be replaced, replacement devices may be new, or from a working charger top down, why change it? We repair this method into the bottleneck, we will have such ideas, substitution is appropriate for specific devices such as capacitors, devices may damage soft, such as the chip for other hydraulic devices, we don't have and there is no need to consider replacing it

5. the comparative method

So-called comparative method, is to find an identical or similar Chargers we cannot use it as a template that compares various exclusions and narrow the scope of failure, including: resistance, voltage, replace the method!