Various working properties and storage methods of electric bike scooter

- May 17, 2019-

The batteries of electric bike scooter are classified according to the nature of work and storage methods. They are generally divided into four categories. One is the disposable battery for electric bike scooter: that is, after the battery is discharged, the battery cannot be recovered by charging. This battery cannot be used. Used by electric bike scooter.


The other is an electric bike scooter secondary battery, also known as a battery. After the discharge, the active material can be restored by the method of charging to be discharged again, and the battery can be repeatedly used repeatedly. This type of battery is actually a chemical energy storage device that uses sufficient direct current to store the battery. In this case, the electrical energy is stored in the battery in the form of chemical energy. When discharged, the chemical energy is converted into electrical energy. Such batteries are commonly used in various types of electric bike scooter.


There are also two types of electric bike scooter storage batteries and fuel cells. The former is also called "activated battery". It is a type of battery in which the positive and negative active materials and the electrolyte are not in direct contact, and the electrolyte is temporarily injected before use or activated by other methods. . This type of battery is used by electric bike scooter in life. The latter is also called "continuous battery", that is, a type of battery that can discharge continuously for a long time as long as the active material is continuously injected into the