Water replenishment tips for electric motorcycle batteries

- Mar 20, 2019-

Water replenishment tips for electric motorcycle batteries

Electric motorcycles play an increasingly important role in our daily lives. Consumers are paying more and more attention to the maintenance and repair of electric motorcycles, such as the hydration of their batteries. First of all, the electric water supply of the electric motorcycle battery needs a certain timing. It is not suitable for hydrating the battery at any time. Generally speaking, the hydration of the battery can increase the life of the battery properly. The best hydration time is over the warranty period and the usage time is in one. After more than one year, this time, the hydration can play a greater role and can extend the battery for a longer life.


Then pay attention to the tools for hydrating, so that you can open the battery correctly, inject new water, and so on. Generally, the following tools are needed when the battery is hydrating: a syringe for accurately adding water; a straw for sucking up excess electrolyte; and a screwdriver for opening the battery cover.


The single tool is not enough to complete the hydration work. In order to successfully complete this task, the corresponding materials must be prepared in advance. There are two main materials: one is to add water, the additional water can only use pure water, and the mineral water cannot be used. . The other is super glue, which is mainly used for sealing operation after adding water to prevent internal liquid from leaking out. Finally, the method of hydrating.


Before the hydration, the electric motorcycle battery should be completely discharged. After the battery is completely discharged, the battery cover must be opened first. It can be easily done with the tools prepared in advance, then remove some caps, absorbent paper, etc., and then add appropriate amount. Just add water. When the water is added, it needs to be left for a while, then charged with the original power supply. After charging, it needs to be recharged for a while with a higher voltage.www.yinghaotechnology.com