What are the basic requirements for electric motors for electric motors?

- Mar 31, 2018-

From the exterior structure, the overall composition of the electric vehicle does not seem to be complicated, but its internal critical components and system configuration requirements are still relatively strict. In particular, there are high requirements for the drive system of electric vehicles. What are the basic requirements for electric motors?


First of all, in order to meet the use performance of electric vehicles, the configured electric motor should have characteristics of large instantaneous power and strong overload capacity. It is usually required that the overload coefficient should be (3 ~ 4), in addition, it should have the characteristics of good acceleration performance and long service life.


Second, under normal circumstances, the electric motor configured in the electric car also needs to have a certain range of speed, including constant torque area and constant power area. In the constant torque zone, it is required to have a large torque at low speed to meet the requirements of starting and climbing. In the constant power zone, high speed is required when low torque is required to meet the requirement that the vehicle can run at a high speed on a flat road surface.


The third point is that for electric vehicles, the configured electric vehicles also need to be able to meet the requirements for regenerative braking during deceleration of the vehicle. Energy can be recovered and fed back to the battery so that the vehicle has the best energy utilization rate. This cannot be achieved on an internal combustion engine motorcycle.


In addition to these basic requirements, the electric motor configured for the electric vehicle must also meet the requirements for higher work efficiency within the entire operating range in order to increase the driving range of one charge. In addition, it is required that the motor for electric vehicles has good reliability, can work in a relatively harsh environment for a long period of time, has a simple structure adapted to mass production, has low noise during operation, is easy to use and maintain, and is inexpensive.http://www.yinghaotechnology.com/