What are the basic requirements of motors for the electric mobility scooter

- Dec 29, 2018-

The electric mobility scooter usually have high requirements for the drive system. Under normal circumstances, the motor configured in the the electric mobility scooter should have large instantaneous power, strong overload capability, overload factor should be (3~4), good acceleration performance and long service life. specialty. Moreover, the motor used should have a wide speed range, including a constant torque zone and a constant power zone.


From the perspective of practical application, the drive system should meet the requirements of vehicle starting and climbing, and should also meet the requirements of the vehicle to drive at high speed on a flat road.  the electric mobility scooter should be able to achieve regenerative braking when the vehicle decelerates, recovering energy and feeding back the battery, so that the  the electric mobility scooter has the best energy utilization, which is not possible on motorcycles of internal combustion engines.


During the operation of the  the electric mobility scooter, the motor should also ensure a high efficiency to increase the driving range of the vehicle. In addition, the motor for the electric mobility scooter is required to have good reliability and can work for a long time in a harsh environment. The structure is simple and suitable for mass production, low noise during operation, convenient use and maintenance, and low price.www.yinghaotechnology.com