What are the body parts of the electric bike ?

- Jan 24, 2018-

As a whole, not only the exercise of that the structure of the electric bike and manufacture electronic, motor, automatic control, electrochemical across many disciplines technology, machinery, vehicles, etc.It will also be mutual penetration and flexible use of these technologies.The structure of an electric bike is mainly composed of two parts, the body part and the electrical control part.

From the function, an electric bike body part can be divided into the following parts:

The first part is the main part, which mainly refers to the bovine frame parts and front fork parts of the electric bike, while the other parts are directly or indirectly installed in the main part.The body part not only must bear the weight of the person and the cargo, but also bear the dynamic load caused by the turbulence.

The second part belongs to the guiding part, which mainly includes the parts of electric bike, front fork, front axle and front wheel, etc.When we are cycling, we mainly change the driving direction of the electric bike by manipulating the handlebars.

The third part is usually called the driving part, which includes the pedal of electric bicycle, crank, sprocket, shaft, chain, flywheel, rear axle and rear wheel, etc.For example, during the cycling, we mainly drive the driving part through the pedal to keep moving forward.

The fourth part is the bearing parts, mainly refers to the owners as well as under the weight of the load content, mainly including parts have front and back parts, rack parts, wood parts, front axle and saddle parts and components, etc.

The fifth part belongs to the braking part, which mainly includes the south train of electric bike and the brake, etc.The rider can control the brake at will, so as to slow down or stop the moving electric bike.http://www.yinghaotechnology.com/