What is the charging circuit of an electric scooter car

- May 18, 2019-

The electric scooter car charging circuit is mainly composed of a power rectifier circuit, an integrated block KM526CD, an operational amplifier LM358, a pulse generator and the like. This is a typical half-bridge inverter switching power supply charger circuit. Unlike other charging circuits, the charging mode is not a pure DC smooth charging, but a positive pulse charging. During charging, there is a time for the battery to automatically eliminate air bubbles to reduce the heat generation and achieve a good charging effect.


When the pulse generator outputs a series of signals, its output is connected to the red group of the two-color LED, which doubles as the pulse width inside the MK526CD, which quickly reduces the output voltage because of the presence of the 100 V, 15 A anti-reverse diode in the circuit, and the battery voltage. Can not be reversed, that is, the battery is in a state of charge stop at a certain time.


In the later stage of charging of the electric scooter car, the charging current is gradually reduced, and the voltage is gradually increased. When the current is gradually reduced to a certain set period, the LM358 sends a signal to force the second signal oscillation circuit to stop, the pulse generator does not work, and the positive pulse At the end, the charger is in a turbulent state. There are usually no special requirements for the selection of electric scooter car components. Press the icon to select it.www.yinghaotechnology.com