What is wrong with the abnormal start of the electric scooter?

- Oct 27, 2018-

Normally, when the electric scooter is just starting, its motor will often emit a certain sound. However, the sound of different vehicles varies in size. This is because the input current of the drive motor is large when the electric vehicle starts, and the motor has to overcome the resistance to reach the rotation speed. There is naturally a noise, which is the frictional sound of the current torque and the magnetic force, which is a normal phenomenon.


Moreover, when the electric vehicle is used, the current required for starting is large, and the noise is also increased, which is a normal phenomenon. However, it should be noted that the acceleration can be slightly slower at startup, the starting current is not too large, the driving wheel noise is relatively small, and it is beneficial to the battery life.


If the motor noise is noticeably too large at the start, it may mean that the Hall element or the brush is damaged. If the motor is a brushless motor, this should be the damage of the Hall element of the motor, which is usually the lack of phase. In addition, when the overload is started, the internal current of the motor is several times under normal operation, which causes noise to increase. It may also be because the bearings of the electric vehicle need to be lubricated or replaced.http://www.yinghaotechnology.com/