What kind of electric tricycle is of good quality

- Jun 11, 2018-

From the perspective of development and application in recent years, electric tricycles are increasingly welcomed by users. For consumers, it is necessary to choose a good electric tricycle. So, how to achieve this goal?


First, we must pay attention to the frame of the electric tricycle when selecting. It should be noted that it is not possible to blindly assume that the frame tube is of good quality and the key to the quality of the frame is the thickness of the tube. The so-called good frame actually refers to the thickness of the pipe used is moderate, the thickness is much thicker and thicker than the appearance of other frames. In addition, drill holes are drilled at the bottom of the frame of good quality. This is to facilitate the flow of liquid during pickling and phosphating treatment. The thickness of the pipe wall can be seen through drilling. In fact, the quality of the frame will directly affect the safety and stability of the vehicle and the service life of the vehicle.


Second, we must pay attention to see whether the electric tricycle front fork sleeve damping system is reasonable. Usually we can judge from its appearance, high-quality fork sleeve shock absorber is hydraulic shock absorption. The inner cylinder is chrome-plated in multi-level, bright and smooth surface, and the outer cylinder is polished out of fine aluminum. The poor quality of the front fork sleeve damping mostly dry shock, iron outer tube, some have external spring, easy to lose the damping function during use.


Next, we must pay attention to viewing the rear leaf spring damping system of the electric tricycle. Normally, the number of high-quality leaf springs is about four to five pieces, and the width and thickness are increased. Inferior leaf springs generally have three narrower widths and do not even function at all. Compared to two-wheeled vehicles, the damping system is more important for tricycles. This is because the three-wheeled vehicle has a large load and the driving condition is not so good. Therefore, it is extremely important that the damping system is good and the comfort and stability of the vehicle are extremely important.


In addition to these points, we must pay attention to the details of the judgment. In fact, the details of an electric tricycle are often the key to determining whether a product is quality or not. For example, the screw is used more than a small part, you can distinguish the advantages and disadvantages from the color, high-quality screws are silver, green two colors, and inferior screws are yellow and white two colors. In addition, the plastic parts of the electric tricycle must be carefully examined. http://www.yinghaotechnology.com/