What should we do during the 'off-season' of electric tricycle?

- Oct 30, 2017-

In fact, there are a lot of industries that have off-season and peak season, which are similarly as electric tricycle industry. How do you respond when the off-season comes? Let's take a look at this and hopefully to help everyone.


During this time, actually we can take a lot of measures to prepare for the later market development. First, electric tricycle companies will continue to innovate and carry out innovation. That is to say, during this period, new products should be introduced according to the actual situation. This is because during this time, customers are easier to be attracted by new products.


This means that, with the help of a new type of electric tricycle products, not only can attract consumers' attention, but also can create a favorable competitive position.

During the off-season, the sales volume of products cannot comparable to the peak season. Second is to promote consumer demand by means of promotion.


We know that in this period of time, the price advantage can attract many consumers who are more sensitive to the price. Thirdly electric tricycle enterprise should also pay attention to management and use of talents.Do not change empirical and professional talents in particular position, because frequent turnover can lead to low productivity. Therefore, during this period, the training of employees can be strengthened.


Finally, electric tricycle companies need to actively collect information about the market during this period. For enterprises, seize this time, not only should pay attention to understand the specific situation of the relevant enterprises, but also should plan for their own next development.

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