Where does the reliability of electric vehicle accessories come from

- Mar 04, 2019-

In general, electric vehicles are made up of various accessories, so the reliability of the whole vehicle depends on the reliability of its accessories. The reliability of the quality of its internal components is ensured through the joint efforts of design, production and processing until the use of each stage. Any problem in one link will affect the reliability of the overall quality of the electric vehicle.


That is to say, the structural design and fitting technology of these accessories directly lays the foundation for the reliability of electric vehicles, so it is especially important for the stability of the product design stage. The reliability of these accessories is mainly divided into two aspects, namely, inherent reliability and reliability of use. The inherent reliability is given in the design and manufacture, and is also controllable by the manufacturer.


The reliability of the use of electric vehicle accessories refers to the performance retention capability exhibited by the actual application. In addition to considering the inherent reliability factors, it also considers the installation, operation and maintenance support. The impact of factors. Therefore, the reliability design and analysis of electric vehicle accessories is a prerequisite for reliability and a strong guarantee for producing reliable products.www.yinghaotechnology.com