Whether the price of electric tricycles should be reasonable should be identified

- Aug 22, 2018-

We know that electric tricycles are rich in types and there are also significant differences in price. Then, when judging whether the price is reasonable, should we focus on those aspects? First of all, whether the price of electric tricycles is reasonable depends on whether the quality of the frame of the tricycle has passed. The key to the quality of the frame is the thickness of the pipe.


Secondly, when measuring the reasonable price of the electric tricycle, it is also judged according to its front fork sleeve damping system. Generally, the appearance can be judged by the appearance, and the high-quality front fork sleeve damping is hydraulic shock absorption. The inner cylinder is multi-stage chrome-plated, the surface is bright and smooth, and the outer cylinder is polished with fine aluminum. In addition, it can be judged according to its rear leaf spring damping system.


In addition to these parts, it is necessary to judge from the details whether the price of the electric tricycle is reasonable. In fact, the details are often the key to determining whether a product is a good product, especially an electric tricycle with hundreds of parts. Screws are small parts that use more than one. They can be distinguished from the color. The high-quality screws are silver and green.http://www.yinghaotechnology.com/