Why the electric vehicles’ batteries don’t charge into the electricity

- Apr 24, 2017-

When you want to use your own electric vehicle one day, suddenly find it run out of electricity, and need to charge. Why the electric vehicles’ batteries don’t charge into the electricity?

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Why this happen, mostly because the battery has been left there for a long time. Discharge caused by loss of power or the formation of vulcanization. The battery in use or loss of time for a long time will produce varying degrees of vulcanization, while hindering the future life. If the situation is not serious, we can go to the professional electric vehicle battery repair shop to try, as long as the damage is not serious, direct activation can be used.

If there is a long time due to serious damage caused by sulfur, I’m here to remind: do not use your usual charger to charge. Because the battery resistance to the General Assembly to burn your charger, even if you’re lucky to charge the battery, the curing of the battery will be serious day by day and will lead to shorten the battery life or scrapped.

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So we must choose high-quality, good reputation of electric vehicles. Let your electric vehicles perform better, run farther, has longer life, more durable.

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