Winter electric tricycle battery maintenance needs attention to detail

- Dec 26, 2017-

Electric tricycle prone to some unusual problems in the winter, but there are many times not the quality of the product itself, but because of the user friend in the use of the process do not pay attention to greatly increase their chances of being damaged. Battery as a "tricycle" electric tricycle, proper maintenance is very important daily. Especially after entering the winter, more care needs to be taken.


So, how to maintain it? I believe in the winter riding electric tricycle, many users find that riding slower. This is due to the low winter temperatures, so during driving, the battery performance has declined. This time is not recommended for frequent acceleration, otherwise it will increase energy consumption, making the power consumption greatly increased. And this will have a negative impact on battery performance.


In addition, when charging the electric tricycle, we must pay attention to ways and means. Under normal circumstances, after entering the winter, the battery charging times will increase, so users need to increase the charging frequency, in order to avoid over-discharge situation. In addition, the process of charging must be fully charged, try not to use fast charge. Overcharging may cause damage to the battery, while if not recharged for long periods of time, the capacity will be reduced. Battery capacity to reduce the most direct performance is the significant decline in mileage.


Similarly, even if the electric tricycle is equipped with high-quality and efficient batteries, if the frequent over-discharge, it will gradually lose this advantage, and ultimately become the same as the ordinary battery.


Finally remember, do not mess with the charger. Under normal circumstances, each electric tricycle battery charger will have a factory configuration, the charger power supply, voltage and output input pressure and other parameters are matched with the battery performance, which can maximize the excitement of the electric tricycle battery The capacity to make it a better job.