Analysis The Cause Of Electric Tricycle Motor Abnormal Sound

- Nov 16, 2017-

I don't know if you've ever head the abnormal sound when you're using an electric tricycle. Recently, some people have been puzzled by this question, so let's analyze the main reasons and hope to provide some references.


In fact, there are many different reasons. Therefore, we need to take targeted measures to deal with them according to specific reasons. The first situation may be due to the excessive clearance between the internal bearings of the electric tricycle motor. The motor bearing is actually a supporting part of the shaft. Its main function is to guide the rotation of the axis, while also bearing the force from the rotation over the axis.


If there is no abnormality in the motor bearing, it may also be due to the problem of the motor rotor in the electric tricycle. The rotor is also a rotating part of the motor. In fact, the motor is mainly composed of rotor and stator. The rotor is mainly used to help realize the conversion between energy and mechanical energy and mechanical energy and electrical energy. Motor rotor consists of two types, one is motor rotor and the other is generator rotor.


In addition, there are four more common situations. 1. The problem of loose or falling of magnetic steel in electric tricycle motor.

2. There are axial movement problems within the motor;

3. Abnormal of commutator in brush motor or impurity coverage;

4. Fixed fault of the brush frame, or deviation from installation position.


For these mentioned above, we should take measures to replace the bearing of electric tricycle motor in time. Timely fix the stator and rotor; reattaching magnetic steel; the axial direction increases the appropriate gasket; clean the commutator surface layer or weld the commutator plate; adjust the brush holder properly.