Another Smart Manufacturing Project Settled In Xishan

Another Smart Manufacturing Project Settled In Xishan

Date:Oct 20, 2020

China's intelligent transportation industry is in an unprecedented era of great development. This afternoon, Jiang Su NWOW Technology Co., Ltd.'s intelligent transportation tool R&D and manufacturing and car networking cloud service project signing event was held in Xishan District, which marks the Wuxi intelligent transportation industry chain.


Jiang Su NWOW Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2011. It is a high-tech enterprise that provides one-stop intelligent solutions for "hardware products + software platforms + vertical industry applications". Its core business includes intelligent control and the Internet of Things, mobile Internet, and labor. Intelligence and big data technology and applications are widely used in smart electric vehicles, smart robots, e-commerce and corporate information security. Among them, the smart electric vehicle industry has gradually established domestic and foreign sales networks, successively set up branches in China, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, France, etc., and entered the Thai, Cambodian, and Spanish markets last year. After the project is completed and put into production, it is estimated that the annual invoiced sales will be 1.5 billion yuan and the annual comprehensive tax will exceed 80 million yuan.


Lu Minfang, the mayor of Xibei Town, Xishan District, said: Nanjing Uwa Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise in the field of transportation intelligence and intelligent robot research and development. It is engaged in intelligent control, Internet of Things, mobile Internet, artificial intelligence and large Data application has relatively prominent advantages, and it also fits the high-quality development goal of building three major economies proposed by Xishan District. After the project is settled, a post-doctoral workstation will be established, which will also promote the gathering of high-quality talents in Xibei. In fact, we have mainly done three aspects of work for the rapid settlement of the project. One is to prepare in advance, the second is to optimize services, and the third is to implement dedicated tracking and make our new contributions to building the Xibei high-tech industrial base.

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