Application And Maintenance Of Electric Bicycle

- Dec 27, 2016-

1, electric bicycle should be adjusted before use saddle and handlebar height to ensure ride comfort and reduce fatigue. Saddle and handlebar height should vary, saddle height to cyclists to be reliable on one foot on the ground as appropriate (vehicle should remain upright), handlebar height to bikers arm, shoulders and arms relaxed as appropriate. Saddle and handlebar adjustment should ensure that pipe and riser insertion depth must be higher than the safety line.

2, electric bike and adjust front and rear brakes should be checked before use. Front brake controlled by the right brake, rear brake controlled by the left back. About adjustment of the front and rear brakes brake lever half trip that reliable brake is suitable; excessive brake lining wear, must be promptly replaced.

3, electric bicycle chain tension should be checked before. Chain too tight pedal when riding hard too loose can easily vibrate, and touch other parts. The SAG of the chain as 1-2mm is more appropriate, and generally do not pedal when riding the proper tightening. Chain adjustment, first loosen the rear wheel nut, by uniform precession around spin out the chain adjustment screw, adjust the tightness of the chain, you retighten the rear wheel nut.

4, electric bikes should check the chain lubrication before use. Feel and observe the chain axis of the chain is flexible, corrosion on links is serious. If corrosion or rotation is not flexible, and should bear appropriate lubricants, seriously the chain should be replaced.

5, electric bike before riding, check tyre pressure, steering wheel turn to flexible, front and rear wheel rotational flexibility, circuit, battery, motor and lights, Horn, fasteners and so on whether met requirements.