At High Temperature In Summer Situations Tricycle

- Dec 27, 2016-

Due to technical limitations, electric tricycles in high temperature environment of the whole system there will always be many abuses. With the progressive increase of temperature in summer, electric tricycle, is too much of a problem.

Using heat generated during charging the electric tricycle, the evaporation of the electrolyte in the battery. High temperature hot weather increases the temperature of the battery as well as evaporation. In case of charging down a night light I've never jumped on the Green, still Chargers fault because you want to exclude. When owners were supposed to maintain battery water. Otherwise, battery or a week would be scrapped. Electric tricycles or qualified match Chargers, reached after switching current, charger the red light to change to green stop working. However bad the electric tricycle charger charge is often still at this time, which makes battery charging status, battery keeps evaporation caused by the high temperatures further.

Therefore, please take care of yourself in the summer electric tricycle, preferably in power after using 60%-70% and then use the regular charger.