Balanced Vehicle Movement What Is

- Dec 28, 2016-

Due to the two rounds of two-wheeled self-balancing electric vehicle structure, making it at the 

top and Fulcrum below the center of gravity, in non-control (or static) next to an unstable system.

 However, you can use inverted pendulum system control theory, by microprocessor control so that 

it can be as stable as the pendulum in a balanced position, and in a State of balance in accordance

 with the user's instructions to function properly. Two-wheeled self-balancing electric vehicle is 

actually level linear inverted pendulum and the combination of rotational inverted pendulum and 

its control principles consistent with the pendulum.  More figuratively, self-balancing electric 

vehicle work more like the walking process. For the people, when the body's Center of gravity when 

you lean forward and lost his balance, through their own senses to feel the body's tilt (angle), 

so he can make a reaction – a step forward to prevent his fall to the ground. If the body is 

leaning forward, in order to maintain the balance, people will go step by step. Therefore, if two 

motor-driven wheel adult legs, plus be able to measure body relative to the size and speed of the

 water level angle sensors, and finally through the microprocessor control the effects of the body

 balance can be achieved. So when people stand when in the car, just drive the car with the body 

forward (or backward) can achieve the electric manned forward (or backward).