Do You Charge The Electric Mountain Bike With A Charging Station?

- Oct 11, 2017-

With the popularity of Electric Mountain Bikes, in recent years, Electric Mountain Bike supporting industry - charging stations are gradually rising, and now often found in the road side of its existence, and Electric Mountain Bike users do not have to worry about the lack of electricity.
The use of charging stations to Electric Mountain Bike charging can achieve the effect of fast charging, a 10 minutes 10 minutes, you can continue to 5 to 6 km. But many people enjoy the convenience of it at the same time, there will be worry, worry about whether it will affect the battery life. After research found that the use of this fast charger charging will exceed the Electric Mountain Bike battery design load, to a certain extent, will damage the internal structure of the battery. Therefore, even the new Electric Mountain Bike if the regular use of fast charging station for charging, the battery life may also be greatly reduced.
Through the above description can be seen with the charging station to Electric Mountain Bike charging, Electric Mountain Bike batteries will have some damage, but this is not to say that can not be used, when the emergency situation, the charging station is necessary, And even can alleviate our urgent needs.
With the Electric Mountain Bike market continues to expand, Electric Mountain Bike industry has entered a stage of rapid development, which for Shandong Electric Mountain Bike manufacturers is both an opportunity and a challenge, in order to stand out in the fierce competition, Electric Mountain Bike manufacturers must To find a new way out, intelligent is the Electric Mountain Bike industry in recent years the new development.
In China, the development of any emerging industry is closely related to the huge population, Electric Mountain Bike industry is no exception. The current incremental market has peaked, that only to accelerate the stock market demand replacement. We have seen that these years, Electric Mountain Bike companies have been in the stock market efforts, all kinds of tricks for all over the country in the bustling performances, in addition, no bottom line price war, dazzling Star endorsements, signings, square activities, "mountain climbing", "long run" and so on, as the major brands of conventional skills.
However, after the excitement, the industry downturn is still not the slightest change, the existing stock market has been unable to feed so many enterprises, in order to get out of the predicament, you can not continue to die in the stock market, and to find new increments market. Where is the incremental market? Electric Mountain Bike is the best embodiment of industrial innovation, the continuous development of information technology will promote the Electric Mountain Bike industry to further transformation and upgrading. Electric Mountain Bike must be out of functional homogeneity of competition, towards intelligent.
This is only into the Electric Mountain Bike industry guidelines for new ways, and Electric Mountain Bike manufacturers have to seize the opportunity to avoid the fierce competition in the eliminated.
We have already introduced some of the methods for extending the life of Electric Mountain Bikes. In addition to those methods, we have four more attention. We would like to follow the instructions below for better use of Electric Mountain Bikes.
1, test the brake device is effective and reliable, and test after the brake, the power is cut off, the motor has stopped working.
2, should be riding in the slow lane, do not ride in the fast lane. When the traffic is crowded to turn off the door, man riding. Turn slow down the speed, avoid high-speed driving, a small angle sharp turn.
3, should not bring people, because the electric bicycle with the battery capacity is not large, the motor power is not high, so the general electric bicycle carrying capacity of about 80 kg, if the people riding, is bound to increase the motor load, speed up the battery Wear, thereby reducing the battery life of the battery.
4, uphill, on the bridge, against the wind when riding, should be used simultaneously with electricity and manpower to reduce the battery, the motor load. Start the riding method: General electric bicycles have zero start function, that is, when the static open the door, turn the speed switch car can start driving. But this time the starting current is two to three times the normal driving, the impact on the motor and the battery is very large, especially the battery. So in order to extend the duration of a charge of the battery and the battery life, start the foot should start, when the foot three or four laps have a certain speed, and then connected to the circuit, which is particularly busy in traffic, traffic lights Many lots are particularly important. Frequent zero start, must shorten the battery life.
These are some of the areas we should pay attention to when using Electric Mountain Bikes, and only when these problems are noticed in order to make the use of Electric Mountain Bikes longer.