Electric Bike: Green Low Carbon, The Trend Of The Trend

- Jul 31, 2017-

Electric Bike: green low carbon, the trend of the trend
It is reported that from December last year, the bicycle industry exports to pick up, a substantial decline in production trends to be reversed, to achieve the only year "double positive" growth. At the beginning of the new year, the momentum of the resumption of the industry to further strengthen, in January this year, bicycle exports reached 4.075 million, an increase of 21.4%. Electric Bike exports 39,000, an increase of 2.8%.
    Ma Zhongchao that some enterprises because there is no core competitiveness, the advantages of diminishing, will soon be eliminated by the market, is a foregone conclusion. Brand advantage, quality advantages and channel advantages of the three gifted enterprises, and overcapacity, price war, low-cost competition of enterprises will be parted ways to become the industry's bright spot.
    Ma Zhongchao also revealed that the relevant state departments will soon start a new national standard revision work. The new national standard will follow the following basic principles: the new national standard to meet the requirements of national laws and regulations; new national standard should be conducive to the development of the industry space; new national standard to protect the rights and interests of consumers; Get the community recognized.
    "As far as I can expect, the new national standard of electric bikes is likely to be introduced during the year 2010. The national standard of electric bike's new national standard and electric motorcycle will be the turning point of industrial development in 2010. For every business, I think it will be a Exam, is every Electric Bike business must be the difficult road, but also the development of the road. "Ma said.
    China Bicycle Industry Association Bicycle Professional Committee Director Lu Jinlong told reporters that government departments, Electric Bike industry, academia and other people are working for the revision of the new national standard. During the "two sessions" this year, representatives and members of the Electric Bike products on the standard made a lot of views.
    Green low carbon trend
    "The new national standard no matter when the introduction or how the introduction of Electric Bike industry should be to develop low-carbon green economy and eco-friendly products in accordance with national policy, in accordance with energy saving, low carbon low consumption, safe and durable basic requirements to strengthen product development Innovation and lithium-ion battery promotion and application, in accordance with national technical standards and international market product specifications, and strive to develop high-quality, lightweight, power and hybrid Electric Bike products, and multi-purpose, multi-purpose electric car products To meet the needs of domestic and foreign markets. "Tianjin Bicycle Industry Association, said Gong Xiaoyan so.
   Forum, the industry jointly issued an appeal, the current domestic Electric Bike industry group there is a common problem: small and medium private enterprises, the strength of low-quality enterprises in the production and operation of the prevalence of heavy production capacity is not heavy product tend to focus on the market Marketing on the prevalence of low-cost low-cost competition regardless of the quality of the credibility of the phenomenon; in the development of enterprises generally focus on the interests of ignoring the long-term development of enterprises. This format is the domestic Electric Bike products in the middle and low level of long-term hovering the root causes of this low quality bottleneck has seriously hampered a large number of Electric Bike products exports. In order to break this situation as soon as possible, all levels of government and industry associations should seize the opportunity to develop low-carbon green economy, on the one hand through the positive guide to help enterprises correct business philosophy, change the mode of enterprise development; Requirements for quantitative products for the standardization of technical indicators, through technical standards to improve and strengthen product quality testing, and improve product quality performance.