Electric Bike Has A Positive Effect On The Improvement Of Living Environment

- Jul 07, 2017-

Electric Bike has a positive effect on the improvement of living environment

China consumers' association, the international copper association with the support of baidu network platform, in the Electric Bike consumption online public investigation, after a week's survey, received 11084 valid questionnaires.

According to the survey results, 44.7 percent of respondents said electric bikes could reduce congestion in the positive evaluation of life environment improvement. 69.9% of the respondents believe that riding electric bikes is good for energy conservation and emission reduction. 47.1 percent of respondents believed that riding an Electric Bike could reduce urban noise pollution. 19.8 percent of respondents believed that riding an Electric Bike could reduce the incidence of malignant traffic accidents.

In an investigation into the existence of electric bikes, 62.2 percent of respondents said battery quality was the most prominent problem. 36.1 percent of respondents said the vehicle and battery were too heavy; 72.6 percent of respondents said battery life was too short; 52.1 percent of the respondents said that Electric Bike security is a problem; 16 percent and 10.1 percent of respondents said electric bikes are too fast and car design and appearance problems. More than four in ten think electric bikes can reduce congestion.

According to the latest statistics, the nationwide number of electric bikes has reached about 145 million. But electric bikes have been unable to get out of the way of being awkward, and have been controversial in practice: are Electric Bikes a motor vehicle, for example? What's its status in urban transportation? Electric Bikes should be incorporated into the urban transport system.

Market economy under the state council development research center, institute of Dr Ching wong told reporters, for some cities, due to its population density is very big, the car is limited by a certain growth itself, to build a modern transport system which accords with the situation of China. The transportation system is a vehicle for transportation, and a combination of different tools. In fact, from the developed cities abroad, almost every family has a car. But not every family can drive a car, but instead combine various means of transportation, such as driving to a large suburban hub and transferring to a bus or subway. And for electric bikes, how to combine the demand of the market and traffic demand, give it a better environment or infrastructure, be included in the city green traffic system, decision makers should be considered.

The different positioning of Electric Bike in different cities also demands different performance. The new national standard for Electric Bikes is being revised to divide electric bikes into three categories to adapt to different use environments and use demand, the reporter learned. The national standards are still being coordinated by the end of the year.

Yu shiguang, secretary general of the national bicycle standardization commission, told reporters that China is a vast country with a large population and different landforms. If we use the original electric bike standard, a model to solve the use of all areas in China, obviously there is a problem. There was a visit to the Taiwan area, where the Electric Bike standard was revised and divided into two categories. One is the power-assisted electric bike, and the other is the Electric Bike, which needs to ride like a bicycle, the latter all-electric, with speeds of 25 kilometers. "We want to at that time, Taiwan is so small a place also will be according to the needs of different Electric Bike into two categories, mainland area, is more complicated, there should be more detailed classification." According to yu shiguang, the draft national standard has finally divided the electric bikes into three categories. The first category is the intellectual type, which requires that the weight should not exceed 40 kilograms. The second type is the auxiliary mode, and the vehicle weight is limited to 50 kg. The third category is all-electric, with the vehicle weighing no more than 55kg, and the maximum speed of the three-grade Electric Bike design is 26 kilometers.

, according to China bicycle association director Ma Zhongchao bicycle association are currently and the relevant departments of Electric Bike and electric motorcycle, etc. The new national standard for communication, eventually hopes to be able to at the end of June, even take out in August.