Electric Bike Prospects Optimistic About The Market Spring Will Be Unexpected

- Aug 31, 2017-

Electric Bike prospects optimistic about the market Spring will be unexpected
At present, it is well known that Electric Bike research and development into the critical bottleneck, battery mileage problems, charging time, battery capacity problems, power problems, etc., is the Electric Bike R & D into the crucial stage of the problem to be solved. And before these problems completely resolved, Electric Bike market or ice, no thawing meaning. On the market, the share of public sales belonging to Electric Bikes is only three digits.
However, not take a long time, car consumers will line up to buy Electric Bikes.
This is prophecy. Is also judged. But not out of thin air.
 Combining the world's fuel reserves and the current rate of exploitation, the world's oil can only be maintained for mining 90- to 100 years. With the sharp increase in oil consumption, mining speed was incrementally accelerated, the world's oil resources depletion of the limit time even shorter.
The limit is coming, the day before the exhaustion is the most difficult day.
Near the depletion of the situation is the shortage of oil, less quality, oil prices soaring.
By then, the domestic fuel price of 20 yuan per liter is not suspense. Travel 100 kilometers per capita consumption of 200 yuan; according to a private car driving 15,000 km per year, only fuel consumption reached 30,000 yuan. By then, fuel will consume a lot of people's property.
This day is approaching every day.
From now on to such a surge in oil prices soaring days, is more and more eager to call the new energy days, but also people increasingly aware of the day of new energy awareness.
Oil resources exhausted to stimulate the new energy awakening, not take too long time.
Although most people do not have much foresight, only near worry, only the current, do not want long-term, but fuel prices rose day by day, always remind people, oil dependent days, the end of the.
Not 10 years later, people look at the direction of Electric Bikes will be very different.
Oil resource depletion, oil prices doubled the harsh reality, had to make people wake up; increasingly clear new energy awareness will lead people to treat Electric Bikes and other new energy vehicles more inclusive, and with greater patience to tolerate all kinds of Electric Bikes Unsatisfactory. With the continuous progress of Electric Bike technology, with the people of the new energy inclusive heart of the increase, select the electric bike, give up gasoline power consumers will be more and more.
Because the fuel consumption, a year will pay 30,000 yuan. This pair of low - income people is a completely extravagant consumption. 5 years of fuel costs, enough to buy the current market price of Electric Bikes.
The tragedy of oil depletion and the reality of doubling oil prices will force consumers to look at electric bikes; and consumer tolerance for electric bikes will make electric bikes and hybrid cars market faster in spring.
Increasing awareness of new energy will promote the consumption of Electric Bikes and Electric Bike consumption increased the number of geometric increments and rolling development, Electric Bike market, in the near future, will also be not Ming has been, blockbuster.
This is only awakened by the awareness of the Electric Bike market under the external conditions of oil depletion. This awakening is a natural awakening, the market of natural forward, no more manpower to promote.
All the other to promote the Electric Bike market-oriented man-made action after the combined effect, the effect will be more prominent. Such as electric vehicles focus on research and development, centralized production, high-quality high-quality rapid advance; charging facilities spread to the gas stations, residential areas; electric car sales subsidies in place; enterprises less profit to market electric car costs lower prices lower; Wait.