Electric City Bike Battery Should Be Maintained In Time!

- Sep 20, 2017-

Electric City Bike battery should be maintained in time!
1, do not casually replace the charger, do not remove the controller speed limit
Each Electric City Bike manufacturer's chargers generally have a personalized demand, do not have to grasp the charger when you are not sure. If the required mileage is longer and must be equipped with multiple chargers for off-site charging, the Electric City Bike charger, which replenishes during the day, uses an additional charger, and the original charger is used at night.
2, to protect the Electric City Bike charger
The general instructions above have instructions on the protection of the Electric City Bike charger. Many users do not see the habit of the book, often after a problem to think of looking for instructions to see, often too late, so look at the instructions is very necessary.
3, Electric City Bike charges every day
Even if your renewal capacity is not long, it can be used for 2 to 3 days, but it is recommended that you charge every day, so that the Electric City Bike battery in a shallow cycle, the battery life will be extended. Some early use of mobile phone users that the best use of Electric City Bike battery is basically finished after the re-charge, this view is wrong, lead-acid battery memory benefits are not so strong.
4, Electric City Bike charge in time
After the battery discharge began to vulcanization process, in 12 hours, there has been a significant vulcanization. Timely charging, you can remove the serious vulcanization, if not timely charging, these sulfide crystallization will be the accumulation and gradually form a thick crystal, the general Electric City Bike charger for these coarse crystals are powerless, will gradually form a decline in battery capacity , Shortening the battery life.
5, Electric City Bike periodic deep discharge
The battery is periodically subjected to a deep discharge also conducive to "activation" of the battery, you can slightly increase the battery capacity. The general method is to periodically charge the Electric City Bike battery once completely. The method of full discharge is to ride on a flat road under normal load conditions to an undervoltage protection. After the complete discharge has been completed, the battery is fully charged. Will feel the battery capacity has improved.
6, to develop some good habits of energy saving
Try to use glide as much as possible. Such as the Electric City Bike downhill, as far as possible the use of early power down glide deceleration. In the upcoming light traffic when the advance into the taxi, a large limit to reduce the brake. Start the time, good to join the ride help, not only can improve the start speed, and can reduce the battery power loss and life damage.
7, pay attention to the charging environment
Electric City Bike Charging The ambient temperature is 25 ° C. Now most of the charger does not adapt to the ambient temperature of the automatic control system, so most of the charger is designed according to the ambient temperature of 25 ℃, so the conditions of charging at 25 ℃ is better.
8, make full use of maintenance conditions
Many of the dealers of Electric City Bike can provide battery repair and maintenance services that should take full advantage of these services. Some brands of Electric City Bike put the battery overhaul. Such as: the battery for regular maintenance, can reduce the damage to the battery.
The battery is the main power source of Electric City Bike, with different capacity, power, and driving distance making Electric City Bike 2 to 3 times the price difference. So at the time of purchase, to find out how much of the Electric City Bike battery purchased in the end, how many amps. Under normal circumstances, Electric City Bike battery 48 V 20 An 36 kW 10 amp over full charge after a one-time driving distance is long, in general, the battery capacity, power, the higher the price accordingly.