Electric Folding Bike Common Three Charging Methods

- Jun 14, 2017-

Electric Folding Bike common three charging methods

When we Electric Folding Bike when no electricity will think of charging, in fact, Electric Folding Bike charging method we are not very understanding, the following by our Linyi Electric Folding Bike manufacturers to tell you about Electric Folding Bike common three charging methods.

1. Constant current charging, is the process of charging the current is constant. If it is more than a series of batteries in series, generally choose this way the charging method, the current in the charging process is very small, so the charging time is longer, our family is generally used in this way.

2. Fast charge, this charging method allows the Electric Folding Bike to complete the charge quickly. In a short time, this way can be sent to the battery within a large current pulse, the entire charging process is actually the battery in the repeated charge and discharge, this way can make Electric Folding Bike charging quickly completed, but because of this way the charge Current and voltage are not fixed, so the battery has a certain impact.

3. Constant voltage charging, refers to the charging process, the voltage to maintain a constant amount. At the beginning of the charge, the battery resistance is very small, the charging current is very large, and after charging for some time, the battery internal resistance increases, charging the charging current becomes smaller, this charging is relatively fast way.

According to Linyi Electric Folding Bike manufacturers: Now, a lot of Electric Folding Bike business out of the store, began in the outdoor trade sales activities. Reporters learned from the Electric Folding Bike stores, to promote the concept of waste recycling TM to become the main form of promotional activities. However, trade-in really like the surface looks so affordable? In the process of trade-in, what will be hidden?

According to a staff member revealed that businesses to consumers to bring the old Electric Folding Bike valuation, generally lower than the use of its re-use value. If the normal sale, it may be Electric Folding Bike can sell 300 yuan, but the business will only give consumers equivalent to 150 yuan, the valuation will certainly be at least 50% lower, or business profits come from?

In addition, all trade-in Electric Folding Bike, consumers are mostly only the receipt of the payment, but can not get a new car invoice. Merchants believe that the redemption price is low, no longer provide invoices. This way there is a problem, only by Electric Folding Bike business receipts, is to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. For example, trade-in Electric Folding Bike lost, in the Public Security Bureau for the record, the staff will ask the public to provide the relevant purchase documents, if not available, the basic not accepted.

But now, many businesses choose to use the old Electric Folding Bike repair and then sell, not only increased the Electric Folding Bike's own security risks, but also on the rider's personal safety is not responsible. At the same time on the old Electric Folding Bike owner is also an irresponsible behavior. Therefore, Shandong Electric Folding Bike manufacturers here to remind you, must not listen to businesses, to buy Electric Folding Bike will go to professional production of Electric Folding Bike manufacturers, in order to ensure your legitimate rights and interests.