Electric Folding Bike Generally Through What Means To Reduce Pollution Emissions

- Sep 11, 2017-

Electric Folding Bike generally through what means to reduce pollution emissions
 Electric cars (also known as electric vehicles) refers to the vehicle power as the driving force, with the motor drive wheels, consistent with road traffic, safety regulations of the conditions of the vehicle. The advantages of electric vehicles is the power of electric vehicles, : It does not emit itself to defuse the big section of the useless gas, even if the power consumption converted to power plant emissions, in addition to sulfur and particles, the other tarnishes are also significantly reduced, in view of the power plant mostly built away from the people gathered in the city , Less damage to mankind, and the power plant is invariable, the assembly of emissions, the elimination of all kinds of non-hazardous emissions is relatively simple, but also has the associated skills.In view of the discharge may wish to get from a variety of power, such as coal, nuclear , Hydraulic, etc., to lift the kerosene resources increasingly worry about the barren. Electric Folding Bike electric vehicles may also wish to make full use of the evening when the low electricity consumption of the lower charge, so that power generation equipment can be fully used day and night, greatly raising its economy Electric Folding Bike may also wish to make full use of the evening when the low power consumption of the lower charge, so that power generation equipment can be fully used day and night, greatly enhance its economic benefits.
    Some of the research expression, the same Electric Folding Bike crude oil through the rough refining, sent to the power plant, Electric Folding Bike into the battery, and then by the battery-driven car, the energy use efficiency than refined into some gasoline by refining the same expression, the same crude Through the rough refining, sent to the power plant, by the battery, and then by the battery-powered car, the energy use efficiency than refined into gasoline, and then driven by high gasoline engine, it is conducive to saving power and reduction of carbon dioxide emissions , It is this kind of strength, so that the electric car research and use of the automotive industry to become every "hot".
  First, research and innovation. The current can not deny the fact that Electric Folding Bike products in research and development are often more emphasis on appearance and hardware equipment, software and ideas on the lack of attention, so the industry really guide consumption, to explore the market space of new products is extremely rare.
    But whether it is "second Five-Year" plan or the industry consolidation, the transfer is such a message: lithium bike is the future direction of development of the industry. Electric Folding Bike is the electric vehicle training field has now become the industry consensus, the state attaches great importance to the electric car for the development of lithium bicycles is undoubtedly a big good news.
    China Electric Folding Bike Professional Committee statistics also show that the country's 53 key vehicle manufacturers in the first half of 2012 sales increased by 11.7%, of which lithium bicycle sales increased by 84%. Lithium bike industrialization and marketization or will become the "second five" during the transformation and upgrading of the industry pioneering force.
    Second, the standard innovation. National policy-driven industry consolidation has made the revision of existing standards and the introduction of new national standards more urgent. In early November, Jiangsu issued a "Jiangsu Province, Electric Folding Bike record management approach" and "Jiangsu Province, Electric Folding Bike product filing management technical specifications (Trial)". The industry's most concerned about the series of issues, such as filing for the production capacity of enterprises, product technical parameters, etc., both regulations are given clear provisions and instructions. We also learned that Jiangsu, Tianjin, Zhejiang and other Electric Folding Bike production and marketing province will also be the first in Jiangsu under the influence of management methods, the introduction of local management practices and regulations.
    As far as I know, the establishment of the GB17761 "Electric Folding Bike general technical conditions" GB revision coordination working group has been the division of labor to implement the relevant matters, and the relevant state departments to communicate and report. Local associations and key enterprises of the expert group also on December 13 last year in Wuxi held a "Electric Folding Bike GB revision work conference", and to amend the national standard GB17761-1999 "Electric Folding Bike general technical conditions" range, content And methods, as well as the final formation of uniform views within the industry progress schedule. Can be revealed that the industry is expected in the first quarter of this year before and after the proposed revision of industry standards, reported to the relevant state departments.