Electric Motorcycle Consumer Market By The Factors That Have Constraints

- Jul 31, 2017-

Electric Motorcycle consumer market by the factors that have constraints
From the perspective of China's economic situation has been to maintain a 10-year high growth miracle of the Electric Motorcycle industry, last year is once again to refresh the historical record, creating production and sales of 35.55 million, an increase of 13% of the amazing performance. In the whole global economic revitalization, China's economic data performance is not ideal background, the Electric Motorcycle industry is like a dazzling star active in the Chinese industry stage, full of expectations and reverie. Tianjin Electric Motorcycle manufacturers many Electric Motorcycles large vehicle business live up to expectations, in this stage plays an important role. However, Electric Motorcycles, after all, is closely related with the national economy, and the income of the people linked to the country's macro situation is closely linked. From China's economic situation,
1, consumer market saturation revealed clues
Information released by the China Bicycle Association last year, China's Electric Motorcycle ownership increased to 142 million, the city of every 100 households have Electric Motorcycles have exceeded 30. In particular, Jiangsu, Shandong, Zhejiang, Henan, Anhui and other markets, every 100 households have more than 33 Electric Motorcycles. From all over the dealer feedback consumers to buy Electric Motorcycle information feedback, incremental consumption has been less than 10%. Reflected from the inventory update consumption has dominated, the market saturation has been revealed clues. As the market saturation, Electric Motorcycle industry peak period will be drifting away, demand decline channel appears, the market will not be able to digest up to 35 million per year more than production and sales. If we say that 2012 is the highest peak of China's Electric Motorcycle production and sales, then the next few years, China's Electric Motorcycle demand will remain stable, record-breaking production and sales or will become history.
2, lack of technology can hinder the market expansion
Many well known, the future of Electric Motorcycle consumption to achieve new growth, mature market access to more incremental sales has been very difficult, only run the fuel motorcycles consumer groups. But now, many mountains and the edge of the market is mainly the world of motorcycles, Electric Motorcycles in order to win the motorcycle market, must achieve three breakthroughs: First, the motor in a relatively small current can achieve the maximum Of the torque in the existing motor rated power to achieve more than 10% of the energy breakthrough, which requires the use of the current motor to carry out a revolutionary transformation, based on the current industry motor technology considerations, can not do this; Is the lead battery to achieve instantaneous high current discharge, to lithium battery-like explosive power, but because the lead-acid batteries by the state to enforce the requirements of heavy metals such as cadmium, this desire is difficult to achieve a breakthrough in technology. Third, the vehicle circuit and mechanical systems are not in the best match, in a short period of time to obtain technological progress is not easy. Therefore, in 2013 Electric Motorcycles to seize the motorcycle this incremental market is very difficult.
3, overdraft consumption will be revealed this year
Electric Motorcycle consumption has entered the era of stimulus to gain growth. And a serious excess capacity is the manufacturers together to implement business "TM" specific performance. Despite the time-honored "trade-in" activities in the greatly stimulating consumption at the same time, but also overdraft market demand for the future. According to information from some of the major regional distributors feedback, sales increased last year, mainly through the trade-in activities to obtain, and many did not carry out trade-in activities of the manufacturers and distributors are varying degrees of significant decline in sales. It can be seen that consumers are guided by the business promotion, ahead of the Electric Motorcycles carried out the "trade-in", which contributed to some of the great car companies brilliant production and marketing industry, it is learned that a large number of cars in the city turned to the rural market dumping, low prices only 5,000 yuan, or less, which greatly attracted the consumption of young people in rural areas.