Electric Mountain Bike Batteries Can Be Used For Longer

- Aug 31, 2017-

Electric Mountain Bike batteries can be used for longer
      Electric Mountain Bike battery life will have a direct impact on the life of the entire Electric Mountain Bike, but many users due to improper use, to a certain extent, will make the use of Electric Mountain Bike battery time, how to make the battery more Has long been troubled Electric Mountain Bike users a problem, let the following Electric Mountain Bike manufacturers for us to do a detailed answer.
      1, as the user naturally to ensure that Electric Mountain Bike at the end of the day after riding, the battery should be promptly charged. This will not only avoid the ride in the process of no electricity phenomenon can also extend the battery life.
      2, in the choice of shade when parking, do not exposure in the hot sun, not in the rain by the shower, leaving the electrical water damp, which can extend the battery life.
      3, now with the popularity of Electric Mountain Bikes, Electric Mountain Bike charging facilities are gradually more, so we do not have to worry about halfway no electricity, you can rest assured that the selection of Electric Mountain Bikes, of course, the choice of temporary charging station should be timely Use, use too much on the Electric Mountain Bike battery will also cause some impact.
      Electric Mountain Bike with its green, economical and convenient features, as people like the means of transport, to ease the energy crisis, and clear the city traffic congestion play a positive role, and now solve the problem of Electric Mountain Bike batteries, Electric Mountain Bike will be more popular.
 With the popularity of Electric Mountain Bikes, in recent years, Electric Mountain Bike supporting industry - charging stations are gradually rising, and now often found in the highway side of its existence, and Electric Mountain Bike users do not have to worry about the lack of electricity.
      The use of charging stations to Electric Mountain Bike charging can achieve the effect of fast charging, a dollar 10 minutes, you can continue to 5 to 6 km. But many people in the enjoyment of its convenience at the same time, there will be worry, worry about whether it will affect the battery life. After research found that the use of this fast charger charging will exceed the Electric Mountain Bike battery design load, to a certain extent, will damage the internal structure of the battery. Therefore, even a new Electric Mountain Bike if the regular use of fast charging station for charging, the battery life may also be greatly reduced.
      Through the above description can be seen with the charging station to Electric Mountain Bike charging, Electric Mountain Bike batteries will have some damage, but this is not to say that can not be used, when the emergency situation, the charging station is still necessary, And even can alleviate our urgent needs.
  Electric Mountain Bike instrumentation is one of the important components of Electric Mountain Bike, in addition to the basic instructions, it can in some ways reflect the status of Electric Mountain Bikes. But many people in the use of Electric Mountain Bikes often overlook the function of the instrument, and even just let it play a decorative function. Here we come to understand how to use Electric Mountain Bike instrument, the use should pay attention to what aspects.
    1, the voltage value of different instruments, in addition to the current meter are not allowed to replace each other, so as not to damage the instrument.
    2, the water temperature sensor must be a good grounding, the sensor wire can not be ground, short circuit, so as not to damage the water temperature table.
    3, often wipe the surface of the Electric Mountain Bike instrument, on the one hand to prevent dust and oil intrusion inside the instrument damage core, on the other hand is also easy to observe the dynamics of the instrument pointer.
    4, to master the performance of the instrument and the instrument indicates the state and the engine part of the work of the relationship between the state, in order to indicate the status of the instrument to determine the working conditions of the engine to find the fault location and reasons.
    5, the engine starts, we must observe the dynamic of the instrument, found abnormal, timely processing; in the process of running, should also often observe the dynamics of the instrument in order to grasp the work of the relevant system.
    6, electromagnetic fuel table under the terminal should be connected to the sensor, the terminal is connected to the ignition switch. Otherwise, the pointer always points to zero.
    7, electric and electromagnetic instrument sensor performance is very different. Therefore, electric and electromagnetic Electric Mountain Bike instruments and their sensors should be used together, not interchangeable or separate replacement.