Electric Mountain Bike Charger Purchase Notes

- Oct 20, 2017-

Electric Mountain Bike charger purchase notes
Electric Mountain Bike charger is the basic configuration of Electric Mountain Bike. However, due to everyone's carelessness, or that is not enough attention and so on, etc., the charger has become a frequent redemption of Electric Mountain Bike accessories. Recently, found that some people in the purchase of chargers often do not know their Electric Mountain Bike voltage V, battery capacity AH and other basic issues, there is a blind spot in the knowledge of the charger.
Emphasis on the use of chargers is related to the performance of Electric Mountain Bikes. Therefore, we need to understand the skills of the charger to buy, in order to better maintain their own car. Now, finishing the Electric Mountain Bike charger purchase notes, hoping to help you smooth redemption of Italian products.
First, determine the battery voltage V of your Electric Mountain Bike, or the output voltage of the original charger. 1 to see the original charger to determine the voltage: the general battery voltage is 48V, the corresponding original charger output voltage is about 59V; 60V battery, the corresponding output voltage is 73.5V. 2 to see the battery to determine the voltage: the general battery pack has several batteries. Model is 6-DZM-12/20, is 6, indicating that each battery is 12V. So, you look at your own Electric Mountain Bike with several batteries, 4 batteries are 48V. For 8-DZM-12/20 batteries, each battery is 16V, 4 batteries is composed of 64V.
Second, determine the battery capacity AH of your Electric Mountain Bike battery, or the output current of the original charger. 1 to see the original charger to determine the capacity: the original charger output current is 1.8A that the battery is 12AH. 2 to see the battery to determine the voltage: the general battery inside the battery are written models, such as 6-DZM-12,12 that is 12AH battery, 6-DZM-20, 20 is 20AH battery. 3 According to the charge of a run to determine the mileage: In general, about 1 year battery, filled with a run 25-40 km, 12AH charger more appropriate. Run 45-60 km, 20AH more appropriate.
Once again, determine the shape of the charger interface for your Electric Mountain Bike. The more common interface on the market there are four, T-type prefix, three vertical goods prefix, in the cross goods prefix, round head.
Finally, we have always stressed the brand. In general, there are four types of battery damage: dehydration, vulcanization, imbalance, heat out of control (charge drum). While the first two accounted for almost 97% of the market's battery damage. And the charging mode is not the same, the water is not the same. Therefore, the choice of the national brand through the well-known brand charger is guaranteed.
First of all, when you buy the battery, the first to see the Electric Mountain Bike battery packaging is damaged or have opened the traces, and then open the packaging to see the appearance of the battery to see whether the appearance of the surface grinding, scratched marks, look at the battery Positive and negative metal terminal parts are rusty.
Second, now a lot of brands of Electric Mountain Bike batteries in the factory will be in the battery shell docked at the anti-counterfeit labels, pay attention to see if the security label is normal. You can also scratch the anti-counterfeit label password coating to verify the authenticity. The last is to see the battery hit the production date of the above.
There are consumers will ask: my Electric Mountain Bike battery which one is broken, would like to replace only a bad battery, Electric Mountain Bike old and new batteries can use? Do not put the old and new batteries together and use the old battery string to the new battery and will cause damage to the new battery, after all, the original new battery in the production are after the group with the packaging after the factory, if mixed with the old battery Use, will affect the performance of the new battery, but also make the new battery prematurely bad.