Electric Mountain Bike Industry Product Development Trends And Direction

- Sep 11, 2017-

Electric Mountain Bike industry product development trends and direction
        Taizhou Electric Mountain Bike car show held in early March. Historically, Taizhou, Zhejiang Province, due to its special luxury R & D manufacturing base advantage makes the Taizhou exhibition by special attention, this year is no exception, even more than any previous session, to become one of the most successful Electric Mountain Bike exhibition. In this exhibition, lively still, wonderful extraordinary, but relative to these, the author is more concerned about the development of Electric Mountain Bike products and trends, especially the luxury Electric Mountain Bike products have any latest trends and characteristics, in order to get these The answer to the question, the author focused on the major exhibitors in-depth communication and exchange, and the exhibition released products were a comprehensive study, with a view to the 2011 Electric Mountain Bike products, the latest trend there is an objective and accurate judgments for the majority Enterprises and distributors to provide first-hand reference.
    From the industry background to analyze, the overall sales of Electric Mountain Bike industry to achieve a steady recovery, the industry showed an upward trend, but uncertain factors still exist, especially in some areas of the price war is still plagued by the development of the industry. From the product point of view, product innovation has gradually become the focus of attention, and many enterprises in the transformation and upgrading of products made a lot of useful exploration and try, product quality and image have a great breakthrough. In addition, in terms of product prices, the industry suffered a serious challenge, the continued rise in raw material prices led to the overall price of accessories have increased, which led to the increase in vehicle prices, as of mid-March, batteries, motors, tires, And other important parts of electric vehicles have a different range of rise, the vehicle price increases in the range of 5% -10% for the development of the industry as a serious challenge, how to treat and deal with the Electric Mountain Bike industry prices rise Concerned about the points. Of course, product packaging and publicity and other product marketing, product patent rights protection, accessories business alliance group, product culture, the connotation of the excavation and construction have become the focus of controversy. This article will combine the characteristics of Electric Mountain Bike product development and combined with the trend of Taizhou exhibition product release, focusing on combing the overall development of Electric Mountain Bike trends and direction.
In the full practice of President Hu Jintao put forward the "scientific development" concept. Over the past decade is China's rapid economic development of the decade, but also China's Electric Mountain Bike industry from scratch, from weak to strong ten years. In this decade, China's Electric Mountain Bike industry from only a few hundred thousand per year sales, through the industry's internal and external efforts to today's annual sales of more than 2000 million, and this figure is still a year to 20% In ascending.
    China's Electric Mountain Bike industry after more than 10 years of growing maturity, as if to the industry to upgrade the inflection point. Prior to the national public attention of the Electric Mountain Bike industry, the new national standard, as well as eighteen on the development of new energy research report, to the more than the Electric Mountain Bike industry pointed out the direction of development, Electric Mountain Bike industry ushered in the rapid development of another spring The However, in the "survival of the fittest" under the market economy competition system, how to transform into a new problem for the industry.
     At present, it is well known that Electric Mountain Bike research and development into the critical bottleneck, battery mileage problems, charging time, battery capacity problems, power problems, etc., is the Electric Mountain Bike R & D into the crucial stage of the problem to be solved. And before these problems completely resolved, Electric Mountain Bike market or ice, no thawing meaning. In the market, the share of public sales belonging to Electric Mountain Bikes is only three digits. However, it will take a long time, car consumers will line up to buy Electric Mountain Bikes. This is prophecy. Is also judged. But not out of thin air. Combining the world's fuel reserves and the current rate of exploitation, the world's oil can only sustain mining for 90- to 100 years. With the sharp increase in oil consumption, mining speed was incrementally accelerated, the world's oil resources depletion of the limit time even shorter.