Electric Mountain Bike Safe Use Tips

- Nov 02, 2017-

Electric Mountain Bike Safe Use Tips
When using Electric Mountain Bike, it is sometimes easy to ignore some basic safe operations: such as driving lights at night (mainly not for the cold, but for others to see you), do not always lazy overcharge (easy to explode fire) , In addition, pay attention to the following seven points Electric Mountain Bike driving safety knowledge.
1, Electric Mountain Bike battery preferred lithium battery. It has the advantage of large capacity, less self-consumption, pollution is small (the disadvantage is more expensive); followed by lead-acid dry battery, its advantages of good sealing, easy to leak electrolyte, but the shortcomings are obvious: easy to pollute. When using lead-acid dry batteries, be careful of the electrolyte leakage caused by leakage, corrosion and injury.
2, careful voltage is too high. There are some Electric Mountain Bike power supply voltage even higher than 36 volts, exceeding the safe voltage threshold, prone to electric shock accident, so be extra careful.
3, often check the circuit plug point. To prevent contact is not strong, causing the connection, contact ignition, fever; to avoid aging lines, wear and tear caused by short-circuit, string accident occurred.
4, do not charge in a confined space. When charging Electric Mountain Bike, some poor quality batteries sometimes run out of flammable gases, so the charge must not be in the storage room, basement and other narrow, sealed environment, to prevent the production of explosive gas mixture.
5, be careful long-term night charge. If your charger is of poor quality or long time, the charger temperature is often high, easy to cause a fire, so the night sleep time to charge the battery can not be taken lightly.
6, climbing or starting to be careful. In the start, climbing should pedal help, to prevent the starting current is too large, the machine for a long time overload work, causing the motor coil, lines, batteries and governor overheating damage, and even lead to disasters. In the case of
7, do not grab the line. "Easy to buy" Xiaobian to remind you: your Electric Mountain Bike's speed is not fast, start more can not be compared with the motor vehicle. So we must be careful when crossing the intersection, do not grab the line, so as to ensure that your attention to safety.
In the course of the use, if the continued growth of Electric Mountain Bike in a short period of time suddenly dropped by more than ten kilometers, it is likely that the battery pack at least one battery problems. At this time should be promptly to the sales center or dealer maintenance department to check, repair or with groups. This will greatly extend the life of the battery pack, the greatest degree of savings in your expenses.
Rain days, Electric Mountain Bike brake system is also easy to water, so that the brake hysteresis, resulting in brake when the car deviation and accidents. If the brake system water, the rain stopped after the left foot light brake, right foot step on the throttle, through the Electric Mountain Bike brake disc and brake disc friction, the water evaporation, to ensure traffic safety. At the same time in the rain but also in time to remove the tires on the stones, gravel, we all know that the tire tread there is the role of drainage, these things attached to the tires, the tire will be insufficient displacement.