Electric Tricycle Price Competition System And Related Performance Analysis

- Nov 25, 2017-

Electric tricycle products are very common around us. In our daily life, we often use the product for transporting small pieces of goods or people. In the process of the long-term development of electric tricycles, the whole industry has formed a competitive trend.


1. Good price competition system should be formed in the development of electric tricycles.

From the perspective of market competition, price competition is in the process of competition of the domestic electric tricycle industry. However, in terms of long-term development, competitors are different interests, so price competition is the normal state of economic operation. However, price competition should be based on the healthy competition which conforms to the market development law.


Otherwise, it is extremely unfavorable for the manufacturer. More importantly, it will also affect the innovation and development of the electric tricycle industry.


2. Related performance analysis of electric tricycles.

It is clear that electric tricycles belong to electric vehicles, and therefore, from the perspective of electric vehicles, this type is not very high for maximum mileage and mileage. Usually, its top speed is about 25 kilometers to 30 kilometers per hour.


And the electric tricycle has a range of up to 70 kilometers to basically satisfy the user's requirements. It is important to note that during the load, the load of the car must not exceed the requirements of the model. The car is mainly used in mechanical drum brakes, so it is necessary to maintain proper safety braking distance when it comes to rain and snow.


Finally, it's important to remind everyone that when the electric tricycle turns, you’d better to slow down in advance. During daily use, the tire pressure should be kept within the proper range, so as to avoid increasing the resistance of the rider, or creating turbulence.