Environmental Protection I, Easy Travel

- Dec 28, 2016-

The ever-accelerating pace of life, pressure is also growing, people began to pay attention 

to healthy lifestyle, particularly in daily life, will enable people to choose a healthy lifestyle 

in this fast-paced life, relax. Healthy way of life is the most basic traffic from the start, 

select an environmentally friendly means of transport is an important part of green living, in 

order to fit the environmental requirements, while allowing people to enjoy the fast and easy way,

 has unveiled a new folding electric car, on the basis of high-tech has created a new concept of 

travel, facilitates commuting for people.

Folding electric vehicle is not only lightweight, but the procedure can be done in a second 

collapse. It is relying on the body's Center of gravity adjustment to control speed and direction, 

the built-in high precision gyro under the bodywork is in a State of intense security, ensure the 

absolute security of electric car itself. Folding electric car is developed specifically to solve 

the last mile of new means of transport, whether wine is driving demand for future generations of 

travelers, or at the park needs more casual visitors, you can use this product and enjoy better 

living conditions.

Has long been plagued by smog, blue sky all day and smoke-stale air is making many health hazards,

seriously affecting people's daily lives, green, low carbon and environmental protection have 

become the common responsibility and obligation. Folding electric car uses electricity as the 

driving energy of the body, using strong degradation of materials, use more low carbon and 

environmental protection, for people to create a green and healthy lifestyles.